How to Save Money in Lisbon

A tourist should always think about how you can save money on a trip. Experts have some tips on this issue.

Rent affordable housing near the center

Choose accommodation near the city center. Lisbon is very compact, and the proximity to the center will allow you to save on transport — you can explore the entire center on foot.

Lisbon is the capital of hostels. The best hostels in the world are located here, while the prices per night in shared rooms are much lower than in other European capitals. Prices for a bed in a common room in winter range from 8 € to 12€; in summer — from 12 € to 18€. Also, many hostels have private rooms for two. The difference from the hotel is the lack of a bathroom in the room. The bathrooms are shared and located on the floor, but, believe me, it does not cause discomfort. In all hostels in Lisbon, breakfast is included in the price.

Visit museums for free

For many, visiting museums is an integral part of a tourist trip. The standard cost of a ticket to the museum in Lisbon is 8€ — a lot of money. But some museums can be visited absolutely for free! You just need to know what day and time to go.

aerial view on lisboa
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Museum lovers should also pay attention to the Lisboa Card. It provides discounts on admission to museums, palaces, cultural centers, as well as includes transportation around the city. This card will be beneficial to those who want to visit as many museums as possible. Also for young people who want to visit everything that can be visited at a discount. This card is a great opportunity to explore Lisbon at a nice discount.

Come to Lisbon in the low season

In autumn and winter, prices for tourist rental housing in Lisbon are much lower, there are fewer tourists and the heat does not exhaust during hiking.

In autumn and winter, it is usually variably rainy, windy weather. The temperature is usually at least +10 °C. Lisbon has an average of 3,300 hours of sunshine per year and 100 days with rainy weather.

Winter weather is very comfortable for long walks. And there are significantly fewer people in transport. Take care of an umbrella and comfortable waterproof and non-slippery shoes.

Plan your route in advance

A route planned in advance is 50% of a successful and inexpensive trip. Make notes on Google maps.

old building of lisboa
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Have picnics

In spring and summer, do not miss the opportunity to arrange picnics in the open air. It is very popular among locals and tourists. This is a great and inexpensive way to recharge your batteries during a long walk.

Enjoy the sunsets

Another great way to save money in Lisbon is to meet the sunset. All you have to do is choose an observation deck, of which there are a great many in Lisbon.

These tips will help you save money on your trip, but at the same time enjoy your trip to Lisbon.

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