Price of eternal youth

Many people want to stay young for years to come. And now there is a powerful tool for rejuvenation, which is based on the product Rejuran. It consists of polynucleotides (PN). The PN molecule is a biopolymer consisting of 13 or more nucleotide monomers bound together.

Rejuran restores the skin’s moisture balance by combining the effect of PDRN bioreparation and hydration with hyaluronic acid. It increases natural ability to regenerate and moisturize and significantly accelerates the process of skin repair after laser treatment, restores water balance improving the physiological activity of fibroblasts by 20%.

The procedure

The local anesthesia cream is applied to the skin for 30 minutes. Then, injections are performed using a thin needle. The procedure takes about 30 minutes. Papules disappear during a day. There is no puffiness. As soon as drugs based on PDRN are quite painful, Rejuran preparations may include lidocaine for comfort.


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