What to watch?
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What to watch?

2020 has made some adjustments to everybody’s daily routine. Now people spend a lot of time at home (many still work from home). This is not so bad: you can devote more time to your family, your closest people. You can discuss the news, cook something really tasty together, play board games, and why not, just watch TV together. Moreover, the UK Air Dates website has already prepared a selection of the best television shows and films for you in 2021.

This year will delight fans of a wide variety of genres. Here are just a few examples of what TV lovers will be able to watch in early two thousand twenty-one.Night Shyamalan continues the Servant series. It’s an unexpected mix of classic horror and heartbreaking drama. What will happen to Dorothy and Sean Turner and their hired nanny?

The story of two brave policemen, Bishop and Pike, fighting crime in East End will delight loyal fans of criminal action films. In January 2021, you’ll watch the sequel to the beloved Bulletproof series.

And science fiction fans have long been waiting for a new meeting with the characters of Star Trek: Lower Decks. This animated spin-off series of Star Trek will make every trekkie laugh and worry about Mariner, Boimler, Rutherford, Tendi. And there will also be cameos of iconic Star Trek characters.

For All Mankind is a real treat for fans of alternative history. The series about the world, where the USSR was ahead of the USA in the “Moon race”, allows you not only to follow an interesting plot but also to think about serious problems.

The American period drama Bridgerton, the police procedural Line of Duty, A Discovery of Witches, the British fantasy television series about a reluctant witch, and a lot of other series and television shows … You will discover them with the United Kingdom Air Dates website.

UK Air Dates offers more than just a selection of The Best TV Shows To Watch In 2021. You will get information about the release date of a movie or series, about totally new and renewed television shows, trailers, posters, a complete list of upcoming shows, and even useful advertisements. For the convenience of website visitors, it’s possible to search by genre or by keywords. You can also join UK Air Dates via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Stay connected and keep up to date with all the latest television programs. UK Air Dates team is always ready to provide you with the latest information.

It's time to make your life better.
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It’s time to make your life better

Would you like to make enough money for great travel? Or to transform your home into the perfect home of your dreams? Perhaps the time has come to think about a modern way of earning money, which will not require a huge investment of capital and a huge amount of time from you.

Anyone can make money on bitcoin, and the ways are becoming more and more diverse. Many financial experts and analysts associate the future with bitcoin. Every day, new platforms are created for trading cryptocurrency, however, it is rather difficult to choose reliable and functional among them.

Bitcoin Era is an automated cryptocurrency trading system created by the Fintech group of companies in 2019. The developers of this software claim that their project is exclusive, and many people, including very famous ones, have already managed to make a fortune on it. Bitcoin Era is capable of generating daily profits while simultaneously placing automated trades on the trading platform. This system makes trades faster than most similar algorithms. The process of creating an account is simple and quick, and then the robot begins to perform trading operations according to the developed algorithm, bringing profit to the user.

Since there are many scammers working in the cryptocurrency field today, you probably have questions about Bitcoin Era. Fortunately, the Bitcoin Era Review already exists, a detailed step-by-step breakdown of the Bitcoin Era’s activities. Most importantly, you can be sure that this is not a scam! The history of the creation of the Bitcoin Era, the main stages of creating an account, the advantages and disadvantages of the platform, you will find the answers to all your questions in the Bitcoin Era Review. In general, if you want to get comprehensive information, it is collected on this site.

It’s time to make money!

The best way to get around
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The best way to get around

An electric scooter is a vehicle that has two wheels and runs on electricity. This type of vehicle can reach high speeds. A device is powered by a special battery that requires regular recharging. If the battery is discharged, further movement on the product is impossible.

Foldable electric scooters are highly maneuverable and easy to operate. The buyer can come across a wide variety of models. Before purchasing a product, you need to study the characteristics and choose the appropriate model, depending on personal preferences.

When choosing an electric scooter, you need to pay attention to the number of seats and take into account the individual characteristics of the user’s figure. The availability of a warranty card for the device is also of great importance. The guarantee confirms the quality of the scooter and, if necessary, reduces the risk of additional expenses for repairs.