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The Old City of Prague is not at all large in size. Still, it is very rich in various attractions and museums, of course you want to cover everything and save a little by wholesale. This opportunity is provided by the Prague card. This is a guest discount card created specifically for tourists who want to see the sights of the capital. Since its introduction in 1992, more than 1 million tourists have used the card.

Cheap and cheerful

bridge in prague
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Every tourist always strives to save money, but at the same time get the maximum benefit. Based on this, in order to develop the tourism business, the governments of different countries have launched guest cards. Sweden became the first “swallow” in attracting more tourists to their country with the help of such a card. The success of this idea was so strong that, following the example of Scandinavia, other countries began to issue “guest cards” for the most popular tourist destinations.

Since the beginning of the 90s, a card began to operate in Prague, which allowed guests of the city to shop, eat and see the sights at special prices, and in some cases, completely free of charge.

Available objects

The owner of the Prague Card has the right to free access to more than 50 main attractions of Prague. The largest castle in the world, the famous Prague Castle, according to the Guinness Book of Records, and the spiritual symbol of the Czech Republic – St. Vitus Cathedral are included in this program.

First day with Prague card

The Prague card includes a bus sightseeing tour accompanied by an audio guide for 2 hours, but the point is that the most interesting places of the city are not accessible by car, you need to walk there. This tour still causes numerous complaints due to the poor performance of the audio guide, so decide for yourself whether it is worth spending time on it. If it is difficult for you to walk, it is better to take advantage of their offer, if you are young and healthy, you can skip it.

Second day with Prague Card

street in prague
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The second day will start from the Old Town Square metro station. The Jewish Museum in Prague is not one building, but as many as 5, all of them are located within walking distance from each other. The Jewish Quarter of Prague is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, it is the largest museum of its kind in the world. It is recommended to allocate at least 2 hours to inspect it with an audio guide.

Third day with Prague city card

Families with children should definitely visit the zoo and the castle of Troy next to it. The zoo is located at a distance from the city centre; you will have to use public transport. Those who are not interested in the zoo can visit the Visegrad Fortress, the Prague card includes everything that can be found there for money — the Church of Peter and Paul, the treasury, casemates, basements and dungeons.

In fact, the question of whether or not to take a Prague card boils down to whether you want to visit these places, if so, it’s worth buying. If you want to explore the Jewish Museum, it is definitely worth buying, it is the most expensive museum in Prague.

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