How to choose the right country for a holiday abroad

The quality of the trip and the impressions after it largely depend on the chosen direction. Therefore, you should choose a country for travel that will suit specific tourists, their needs and capabilities. This is the most important point in preparing for the trip.

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Decisive factors for choosing a direction

In order to choose the right country for a vacation, you need to divide the trip and everything connected with it into several factors. Each of them will narrow down the range of possible destinations, after which it will be much easier to choose a country to travel to.

Type of recreation

First of all, it is necessary to decide what kind of vacation is planned. There are several popular types of travel.

List of types of recreation:

  • Beach holidays. Such a rest can be both with various activities and passive. Examples: Turkey, Thailand, Hawaii.
  • Cultural/sightseeing trip. In many countries there are cities with many attractions and entertainment. Examples: Australia, South Africa, Japan.
  • Active recreation. An option in which tourists travel to another country for the sake of active, and often extreme, recreation. Examples: Iceland, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Austria.
  • Wellness trip. Some countries and resorts offer treatment and recovery courses. Examples: Israel, Germany, Czech Republic.
  • Shopping trip. Often tourists go to another country to buy clothes, gadgets and other things, up to cars. Italy, France and the USA are perfect for this.


Most of all, the season affects beach resorts, where bad weather can spoil all impressions.

But the season affects not only beach holidays. It is better to visit the sights, especially natural ones, in warm weather without heavy rains. In tropical countries, tourist seasons begin in mid-spring and continue until the beginning of autumn. In Europe and America, the season ends later, and Africa is available all year round, except for the period from April to June (rainy season).

Also, the choice of country depends on your budget, the company of people, the length of the trip.

The whole trip depends on the choice of the country, so we need to approach this issue seriously and study all aspects.

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