Finding the Best Lodging in Panama

Your Lodging Choices are critical!

Your selection of lodging can affect the success of your trip to Panama. In some instances, it may even be the highlight of the vacation. Do not discount the fact that choosing the right lodgings can make your trip memorable while staying in the wrong accommodations can ruin your vacation to Panama! Fortunately the Internet today supplies a vast array of resources, reviews, and details about the best lodging in Panama, as well as the best deals to be had.

Always start our lodging research with reputable reservations and information sites.

How to Select the Right Kind of Hotel.

When planning a vacation, we recommend that you ask yourself some critical questions that will assist you in selecting the right accommodations at a desirable price.

Is it important for you to spend minimal time getting to and from events and sites?

Are you willing to spend more time on public transportation and taxis in order to save on lodging? If so, you can usually get a cheaper hotel room on the outskirts.

Do you crave a place steeped in the local culture? Smaller independent inns are often some of the most lovely and historic ways to enjoy the local culture.

These are critical questions to ask before securing your accommodations. We encourage that you think about how you might use your lodgings to get the most out of your Panama vacation experience before deciding on where to stay.

When looking for lodging it is also smart to identify the type of accommodations and amenities that suit your desires and requirements. If you will you be spending very little time in your room, and thus you likely care less about the amenities than you do about the location, then we would recommend looking for a hotel in proximity to the places in Panama that you would like to see.

Stay at a B&B for an Intimate Lodging Experience.

If you delight in the company of strangers and a home-cooked meal then think about staying at a Bed & Breakfast in Panama. These accommodations create an experience quite like staying with distant relatives and frequently the proprietors have a wealth of knowledge and tips on the dining options, local sites, and customs. And likely the breakfast provided will be gourmet quality.

Note that these properties are ordinarily located in more rural areas and may not be in proximity to public transportation. If you will be traveling by car then this is a splendid choice.

How About a Home Exchange Program?

If you enjoyed the movie “The Holiday” then you may already have an idea of how advantageous exchanging your home can be.

If you plan to stay Panama for a length of time and you yourself reside in an enviable vacation location (or you own a 2nd home in an attractive region) then you might give some thought to exchanging your home with someone from Panama who is seeking to visit your area.

Staying in someone’s home in Panama enables you to live like a local (not a tourist) and can end up costing you nothing. You will usually have full use of kitchen and laundry facilities and enjoy the comforts of staying in a cozy home and neighborhood. This option is also considered environmentally wise because it does not consume additional local resources to account for non-residents. And an often ignored benefit is that while you’re in someone else’s home that someone else is in yours–maybe picking up your mail, watering your plants, and generally discouraging crooks which prey on vacant homes.

When you are already paying a high price for airfare swapping your home with another traveler can be an easy way to limit the full cost of your vacation. If you are feeling like you just cannot afford that trip to Panama you may want to reconsider!

Lodging for the Super Tight Budget.

If you are on a strict budget (maybe you are a student) and hoping to get the lowest cost accommodation (as long as it provides a bed and bathroom) then we recommend what is known as hostels. Hostels are available in many countries and frequently provide separate areas for couples and/or seniors. There are several hostels available in Panama to select from.

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