Where to eat in Panama City

Panama City is a great place to eat it is the fastest growing culinary destination. There is some excellent restaurant with a domestic and foreign kitchen, that is something you must try. If you are by any chance in Panama City or maybe you are planning to go there here is the list of six restaurants you should visit.

1. Restaurante Las Bóvedas

Unique French restaurant in Panama City. This restaurant is placed in 300 years old fort so you know that ambient is unique and great. Here you can eat local seafood with a small touch of French cuisine. Every day there is something new on the menu, but you will always find different fish filets, all kinds of seafood. If you are not a seafood fan you can order a steak or something else made from meat. If you are there on Friday or Saturdays jazz musicians will embellish your night, any other day guitarist performers will play for the guests.

2. Marin Fiero

If you want to eat top quality meat in Panama City visit Martín Fierro restaurant. Besides excellently prepared beef meat they have a very good wine list. Order a red wine with beef and you will see why this restaurant is so special and famous.

3. Siete Mares

This is the favorite place of Panama City’s financial district. Modern art is something you will notice first when you step inside this restaurant. If you are in Siete Mares you should try one of the following a lobster, a sea bass, a jumbo shrimp and a red snapper. Here you will be served with the freshest seafood as it can get.

4. René Cafe

A great location near Iglesia Catedral. This is an area of Panama City is becoming the most popular place for tourist to visit and all because of the great restaurants that are placed there. In René Cafe menu is changing daily. Meals you will find there is mostly international nature with a big influence of Panamanian cuisine. This kind of food preparing is creating some truly unique tastes.

5. Parillada Jimmy

A really good restaurant. Here you can get seriously big cuts of beef, fresh country-style sausage and chicken breasts. If you are really hungry this is the place where you should go. It’s located in the San Francisco district, a bit east of the old Aeropuerto Paitilla. If you are a tourist it’s better to go there after work crowd, then you’ll be able to find a table.

6. Machu Picchu

This is something you must see mainly because you will hardly find anything remote resembling to this anywhere else in the world. This is a low key restaurant with a long tradition and true Peruvian cuisine. Authentic restaurant menu with the traditional specialties. Here you can find pan-fried sea bass made in several different ways. You can try sea bass served with special sauces or seabass dressed with shrimp or any other way, everything is delicious. In Machu Picchu you have a chance to try some of the Peruvian national drinks. For most people that come here, this is one in a lifetime chance to try these drinks.

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