High Class Taxi Services in London

The famous Landon cabs are a kind of symbol of London. All tourists know that despite the high taxi fare, black cabs are a sign of quality and part of the tourist culture of the capital of Great Britain. However, there are other options for high-end chauffeur service London.

Why are London taxi cars usually black?

Black is traditional colour for London taxis. This has been the case since the post-war period. The cars rolled off the production line in black and only under the order it could be repainted in another colour. Taxi drivers tried to save on their expenses and did not repaint the cars, and soon all taxis in London became black.

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This is not necessary, but it has become a kind of tradition. Today you can see blue, red and yellow cars on the streets of London. Some are plastered with advertisements and look especially colourful, but most of the London cabs are still black because of their recognition and a kind of tribute to traditions.

Modern London taxi

There are taxi services along with the popular cabs in London. It is a car rental with a driver in cars of various classes. Cars of such a London chauffeur company cannot be taken on the street, but must be ordered in advance by phone or through website. Such companies can offer more favourable prices compared to cabs, but you should discus this when ordering, because such carriers, as a rule, do not have a meter in the car and tariffs are fixed. The colour of the cars of such companies is usually conservative black.

Advantages of VIP taxi service in London

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  • a new Mercedes luxury car no older than 3 years old;
  • guarantee of advance delivery at least 30 minutes in advance;
  • a professional driver with several years of experience working with VIP clients.

In any car from the London chauffeur company, for your convenience, you will find Wi-Fi, mobile phone charging, as well as water and wet wipes. By booking a VIP transfer to the airport, you can book an escort service to help check-in or to help with luggage.

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