Why not Live in Torrevieja?

Of course, you have already heard somewhere that any advertising booklet uses this technique: “Barcelona is a city of dreams!”, “Madrid is a city of opportunities!” Well, man’s psycho is made in such a way that he is tirelessly looking for new horizons – a place for life, self-realization, business, dreams. And in this sense, Torrevieja is truly a city of opportunities for many. You can search for torrevieja property for sale, buy some and live your best life.

Climate and good location

Photo by Frames For Your Heart on Unsplash

The Costa Blanca coast is well protected from cold winds, there is low humidity and a very comfortable temperature: in winter it is not colder than +19 °C, in summer it is not hotter than +30 °C. There are salt lakes nearby, any strategically important point in Spain can be reached in 5-6 hours: Barcelona is 600 km, Madrid – 380 km, Marbella – 500 km, Granada and the Sierra Nevada ski resort – less than 350 km. You can find torrevieja apartments for sale easily there and travel around Spain all year long.

A city with developed infrastructure

city from the flight
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It’s very close to everything here: market, school, swimming pool, football field or supermarket. The town is small – about a hundred thousand inhabitants, but it has everything. For example, the local football club has seven large fields with a fantastic lawn, there is also a tennis academy, an Olympic swimming pool, a sailing school (which trained a world champion and a member of the Spanish national team), many private schools (including the English one in Villamartin), a huge commercial center of La Zenia Boulevard, the third in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the best golf courses in Europe and many cool restaurants (primarily, of course, fish restaurants with fresh seafood).

And finally, Torrevieja is an excellent place to invest and start your own business in Spain.

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