Visiting Denmark

Denmark is located in the north of Europe near Sweden and Norway and is known as a Scandinavian country. The city of Copenhagen is the most well-known city in Denmark. Copenhagen is an important city because it is a primary point of world political events. People speak Swedish and also Norwegian.

Denmark became the seventh nation to become a part of the EU in l973. Many events of world significance are held in Copenhagen each year.

The Climate of Denmark

The climate that defines Denmark as a country of chilly winters and breezy summers. This climate is typical of the Scandinavian countries in that area.

Denmark sees most of its rainfall for four months out of the year. This rainfall tends to occur most often during the fall season. Showers are common. Tourists find that renting a car makes getting around Copenhagen and all of Denmark much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Travel Facilities

Denmark’s national airline is Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). Scandinavian Airline’s base is found at the Copenhagen airport which is the most noted airport not just in Denmark, but also all of Scandinavia. The Danish Railways also offer a way to travel around the country in addition to renting a car.

Automobiles are for rent to get around in Denmark and rental is accompanied by a tax charge. Still, the convenience and comfort of a rental car can make one’s stay much more enjoyable.

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