New format of real estate rental

Home- sharing is a format of short-term rental of apartments or houses. This is a convenient alternative to daily apartment rental. For example, with the help of the Stayy resource, a person can rent an apartment or a house for an extremely short period of time.

This service is useful both for people looking for housing for a while and for those who rent. Initially, this service was conceived only for friends and family members who can use your empty housing at the time of your departure. So the housing will be looked after, and you will be calm, because you transfer your residential property to people you know. To do this, create a weekender scheduling calendar for friends and family and send it to all interested parties.

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Why home sharing is better?

  • A train, plane, bus arrives or departs late, people arrive to an unfamiliar city late at night and experience discomfort from the realization that they depend on strangers. Home- sharing removes this issue. Using home- sharing, a person can stop even at two o’clock in the morning.
  • A person wants to minimize close contacts with strangers. Not everyone wants to communicate with an unfamiliar person. When one uses home- sharing, there is no such problem.
  • A person gets settled, and there is a damaged thing or property. In a situation where people use home -sharing, they can instantly take a photo and transmit the information to the operator, thereby protecting themselves from further problems.
  • The online booking service takes a commission or prepayment, which can be 15% or even more. There is no such thing in home- sharing.
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So, if you are going on a business trip, on vacation, or for another purpose and do not worry about your property in your absence, just let people study your private holiday home scheduling calendar to find a cosy and convenient option.

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