How Many Theme Parks in London

If you decide to relax with the whole family in London and do not know what to do to make everyone have fun, then feel free to go to theme parks. Fortunately, there are many theme parks in and near London that will give you unbridled fun and adrenaline, and a day spent in the park will be remembered for a lifetime.

You can choose one or another theme park that will suit everyone by age and theme. They are usually easily accessible by train or bus, as well as by car.

  1. Shrek’s Adventure! London

This park is located in south London. When you get here, you find yourself in the Kingdom of Far Far Away. On a tourist bus you can go on a journey in 4D format, and throughout the trip you will be accompanied by a cheerful guide. You will be shown both live performances and themed scenes, including famous scenes from Shrek. It will be interesting for both adults and children from 6 to 12 years old.

  1. The London Resort

Despite the number of existing theme parks, resorts continue to appear near London. This park will open its gates in 2024, and now you can get acquainted with what awaits you and what scale The London Resort will be. It will be made in accordance with the world level and will be located on the banks of the river Thames. Visitors will also be waiting for a lot of entertainment, leaving no one indifferent.

Image by Elmer L. Geissler from Pixabay
  1. Legoland Windsor

Theme parks in London are dedicated not only to famous cartoons, but also to Legos. A whole town is waiting for you, completely made of Lego bricks. In total, 55 interactive attractions are waiting for you, so no one will be bored for sure. Even the youngest visitors, because they are waiting for a whole Duplo airport.

And this is not all theme parks, because there are so many of them, and most importantly, everyone will be able to find the one that he likes.

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