The Best Places to Tour on a Bike in Versailles, France

Biking is the ideal way to tour Versailles in one day. It will make your experience tranquil, intuitive, and lots of fun. Moving around Versailles on bikes is one of the most charming methods of exploring a greater amount of this piece of Ile-de-France.

You will find your ideal Versailles bicycle ride. This short guide highlights an assortment of biking routes in the district to convey the best. 

Top Places to Explore With a Bike in Versailles 

Riding a bike is fun when the atmosphere is right. Below are some of the best places you can go on Versailles Bike Tour.

An outing at the Great Canal 

For lunch, you can ride to the end limit of the Great Canal and set up your cookout on the lawn. Your aide will offer plates and utensils, and the key wine tool. You can settle back to loll in the perspective of the immense lawn of the royal residence.

After being sustained by the fresh French food, you can get back on your bicycles and ride towards the Palace. A day of biking in Versailles will always end in a fabulous encounter.

On “dead man’s coast”

This is a coast of the dead man takes you from Jouy-en-Josas to Velizy. 

The name stems from the wood that encompasses the road, not from the regular level of the climb. This is before plummeting unobtrusively towards the Pont de Sèvres by crossing at the decision of Meudon, Chaville, or Sèvres.

Garden of the Palace of Versailles

The four seasons are represented a few times in the model at Versailles. The Grande Commissions unites a progression of statues commissioned by Louis XIV in 1674. Here, sculptures of the seasons show up.


These are just a few spots in Versailles with a bike. There are more spots to explore, but beginning with these three will bring you loads of fun and satisfaction. Finally, you can join the Palace of versailles bike tour.

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