Holidays in Cornwall, South West of England

Cornwall is the south western part of England and is popular with tourists because of its beautiful beaches, sandy beaches, rich wildlife and lovely holiday sites. Cornwall is also the home to many unusual ancient burial grounds which were not discovered until recently, so visitors will find it an exciting and fun place to visit as well.

If you are planning on taking golf, then you will definitely want to spend a few days at a Cornwall golf course. The great thing about this type of holiday is that there are many golf courses scattered throughout the county. Each golf course has something different to offer, and if you want a great weekend break, you can take a leisurely stroll around the golf courses, see the manmade waterfalls, head to the golf club and have a meal in one of the great restaurants. It is always an experience, whether you are playing golf or walking around the course.

Swimming is popular and is on offer for all different kinds of water sports. You can enjoy swimming in the sea or even swimming out onto the sands. Both are safe activities and no personal protective equipment is needed, so you can go out and swim the day away.

Visiting the coastal towns is another way of visiting Cornwall. St Austell is the largest town in Cornwall and it has a vibrant cultural life with activities such as Shakespeare nights and learning how to play the lute. St Austell is also popular with golf enthusiasts who can rent a driving range for a few hours of fun and play golf all day long.

It is worth visiting Cornwall even if you don’t own a car and if you choose to go into the country to enjoy it, you can make the most of staying in a Bed and Breakfast in the countryside, surrounded by countryside and close to the water. There are plenty of places where you can stay while you holiday in Cornwall, and when you choose the countryside, then you will find it a great way to relax and enjoy yourself. You will be able to enjoy the countryside while being close to the water, and that is exactly what Cornwall has to offer you.

Whatever you decide to do, you will be delighted by the great weather and the wonderful weather conditions that Cornwall offers. You will find that in the spring and summer there are great sunshine and good weather, and in the winter months you will be able to enjoy the traditional winter weather in the south west of England.

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