Canoeing and Kayaking in the Sheer Beauty of Panama

Canoeing and kayaking are quite similar to each other but there are many differences as well. Canoes are those types of boats that are open, more stable than the kayaks and also have a paddle that is a single paddle. But kayaks have paddled blades on both the ends and are also closed. Kayaks are a little more confusing than the canoes as they differ according to the water body on which they are being used. Kayaks depend quite a lot on the fact whether it is being used on the seas or the raging white waters.

But whatever it is paddling is an absolute necessity whether you are canoeing or kayaking. Both require to be paddled. The white water vessels require more strength to be handled well and lots of action and adrenaline but the canoes are more sedate and these are also specifically designed to travel in calm waters to feel the scenery around, to reach amidst all the wilderness, see the wildlife and also the marine life when you are venturing into the pristine waters of the land of Panama. Canoeing in the land of Panama is a fascinating experience as because you will face the sheer beauty of the place and you will surely understand the sheer beauty of a tropical paradise. The canoes will glide on the waters of Panama and gradually you will find yourself to be immersed in the fascinating natural surroundings, smoothly sailing through the waters and discovering new and secludes spots in the unknown areas of Panama. The excitement is first hand and the excitement out of the world.

While canoeing past the lush greenery you will come across varieties of exotic birds, the capuccin and the howler monkeys, the ferocious crocodiles, the sloths and also the iguanas. These are just of the very few varieties that can be seen in their natural habitat and it is a rarity indeed. Canoeing in the waters of Panama will immerse you in the aromas, the sights, and the sounds much more than any other form of traveling would. It would be a voyage of new discoveries, navigating the ancient routes and those secluded portions of the isthmus.

Besides canoeing, there are many other enjoyable and relaxing aspects that can be enjoyed to make the trip to the land of Panama a grand success. Most of the travelers enjoy a lot of swimming in the clean tranquil waters; see the huge varieties of wildlife and engage in fishing as Panama is also considered to be a fishing paradise along with it being a tropical one.

Those who go in for canoeing in the Panama waters need to carry some special gear and one should not venture without a trained guide. Canoeing expeditions should be accompanied essentially by an English speaking guide and any traveler should take some very important paraphernalia so that the expedition is safe and enjoyable in the way that it should be.

The things that are to be carried are a couple of t-shirts and shorts as these comfortable clothes aide in rowing the canoe. One also needs to carry a pair of comfortable footwear, a hat to provide protection from the sun, spare clothes, blankets, cushions, a flashlight and a good quality of sunscreen lotion. Canoeing is a wonderful activity that adds a special spice to the Panama holidays. There are specific areas where canoeing can be done and these should be kept in mind and that one should venture only in those areas so that experience is absolutely safe and sound and thoroughly enjoyable.

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