Benefits with a Copenhagen Card

Copenhagen Card allows you to visit 83 sights and museums of the Danish capital, the card holder can freely use public transport throughout the region. There are several reasons to consider this as such.

How to buy?

You can buy a card on the official website or on the website of travel agencies, while you get an electronic ticket, which is very convenient.

What is included in the Copenhagen Card: attractions

You can visit the top attractions of the Danish capital for free with a Copenhagen Card

copenhagen bridge
Photo by Aurora Ferreira on Unsplash
  • Round Tower/Rundetårn
  • Rosenborg Castle/Rosenborg
  • Royal Palace of Amalienborg/Amalienborg
  • Kronborg — known to tourists as Hamlet’s Castle
  • Tivoli Gardens
  • Boat trip on the canals
  • Visit Carlsberg Beer Museum

How to use

Before you start using the Copenhagen Card, you need to write the date and time of the start of use on the card. In museums and castles, the card will be scanned — and you will receive a free pass, in Tivoli you need to use fast track entry.

After activating the card, the card is valid for 24, 48, 72 or 120 hours. The countdown starts from the date and time that you write on the card. That is, if you write 14.00, the card will be valid until 13.59 the next day. The card is activated at the time it is scanned in the attraction.

Public transport

If you have this card, then you do not need to think about how much a trip in a particular zone will cost, since you have an unlimited number of trips on the card for as long as your card is purchased. For tourists, this is an ideal option, because you do not have to deal with the ticket purchase system, stand in queues to buy a ticket on every transport. Therefore, it saves money and time, which is always so little in

The same card gives the right to travel by public transport throughout the region, which includes Copenhagen Airport (it is located in zone 4). This means that you can activate your card right at the airport — and get from the airport to the centre of the capital for free.

That is, you can travel, for example, to Roskilde or Helsinger for free.

Organized tours

copenhagen street
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Also, on the Copenhagen card you can go on sightseeing tours by boat, ferry or train for free:

  • Copenhagen Canal Tour — view of the most important sights from the harbour and canals,
  • Excursions to the lakes by boat
  • By ferry around Frederiksborg Castle (“Denmark’s Most Beautiful Nautical Mile”)
  • A tour of medieval Copenhagen by train

Children in Copenhagen

Each adult card allows you to take two children aged 0 to 9 years free of charge.

With this map, you can take your children to the national aquarium, zoo and many other places.

If your child is over 9 years old, then he will need to buy a children’s card. A children’s card can be purchased for children under 15 years old.


The card also offers you many discounts for restaurants, bars and excursions.

As you can see, the Copenhagen Card is really very beneficial for travellers, especially for museum lovers.

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