Where to Listen to Neoclassical Music in London?

We all know that classics are a model, a standard that has passed the test of time and is accepted in different cultures. Each of us will be able to name a few examples of classical music, although now we hear it less and less: it is unpopular with the masses. What about the neoclassical?

Features of the Neoclassical

Neoclassicism is not just an interpretation of the works of great composers, but a completely independent direction in the music of the XXI century. Based on the best traditions of the past, combining minimalism, expression and harmony, it is able to awaken in each of us the best feelings, make us see and understand the beautiful. This is not “music for intellectuals” at all, as is mistakenly believed.

person playing on guitar
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To enjoy musical compositions, it is not necessary to have a professional education, to understand the frets, harmonizations and overtones. Neoclassicism does not require terminology at all. The main condition is to find a response in the soul, to live every musical phrase, to be reflected by thousands of sensations and hundreds of memories.  You need to find our composer, a suitable atmosphere and forget about the daily hustle and bustle around you for a few minutes. Go to Neoclassic music concerts in London!

Where to go in London to hear neoclassical music?

To better understand where to listen to non-classical music in London, contact the Redevets platform. Here you can easily find the nearest concerts and learn about modern composers and performers of neoclassical music.

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At such events, you can meet everything from a violin with a piano to an organ with percussion. A dose of electronics is attached. There are also weightless colourful compositions, drama, and even funny musical stories.

Neoclassicism is a topic too broad to cover in one or two texts. It’s better to choose the nearest concert, put yourself into it and just enjoy neoclassical music!

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