Thinking of moving to Malta? Here are a few tips

Malta is a picturesque island state lying in the Mediterranean Sea, 93 km from Sicily and 300 km from Tunisia.  It occupies an island archipelago consisting of three inhabited islands – Malta, Gozo and Camino, as well as small islands and rock formations.  This is the only European country where there are no permanent rivers and natural reservoirs.  Malta’s area is small – only 316 km2, in size it is 185 countries in the world.

Malta is very popular with tourists.  Travelers are attracted by clean Maltese beaches, picturesque nature, colorful festivals and many architectural monuments.  The archipelago has a long history, and on it you can see buildings from different eras: ruins of megalithic temples, medieval fortresses, ancient palaces, cathedrals and squares.  The most visited attractions are concentrated in the capital of the country – the city of Valletta.

However, there are people who fall in love with this city so much that they decide to move to it.  And then flats for rent in Malta comes to the rescue.

Moving tips

Find out how to get official status

To live permanently in a new country, you will need to obtain a residence permit or citizenship.  Usually, this requires compelling circumstances: an invitation to work, admission to a university, marriage with a citizen of the country, family reunification.  In some countries, there are official government programs that allow you to obtain a residence permit for investment in the economy.  Malta citizenship can be obtained for exceptional merit through direct investment.

Make sure the country is suitable

If you manage to come to the country for a while before moving, you can assess how life in it meets expectations:

  • rent an apartment or a house in the city in which you plan to live;
  • walk around the area and find out what schools and hospitals are nearby, what kind of transport goes;
  • assess how safe the city is;
  • spend several weeks a year in the country in different seasons to see if the climate is suitable;
  • chat with locals and assess if the language barrier is getting in the way.

Get everything ready for departure

In addition to the fact that it is worth solving a lot of issues in the country you are moving to, there are many decisions to be made in your country.  If you have a property, you may want to rent it out or sell it.  What will you do with a car, motorcycle, furniture, household appliances and so on?  Do you want to sell all this and increase your budget for the move, or leave it as it is?  All these issues need to be resolved before moving to another country.

Cost of living in the country you want to move to

Be sure to calculate what your expenses will be for housing, food, utilities, clothing, entertainment, and so on.  Find out about the average cost of renting a home in the country you are moving to.  Decide in which areas you would like to live.  Often, the cheapest rent is not in prosperous areas, so when choosing, be sure to take into account the safety of the area.  Also transport interchanges, supermarkets, schools and so on.

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