Enjoy the Sheer Beauty of the Islands of Panama

Beautiful beaches can be found on the equally astounding islands of Panama. The islands are so very beautiful that you will really enjoy your holiday in this exotic place. The islands of Panama are paradise indeed with the sheer beauty of the sparkling crystal clear waters, lush green rain forests, coral reefs, and the coconut palms. These form an ideal backdrop for diving, sailing, fishing or just leisurely soaking up the tropical sun. Thus the islands add on to the beauty of Panama.


This island is the most popular and it is also the fifth largest one in the Pearl Islands group. Contadora is also known as the house where pearls were counted. The area of this island is about 1.2 square kilometers and there are lovely beaches on three sides of this island. There are also five coral reefs that give ample opportunity for Snorkeling and watching the fascinating marine life. Underwater creatures include innumerable turtles, rays, varieties of tropical fish and white-tipped reef sharks. The island is replete with hotels that provide lodging to the tourist and these places arrange for the snorkeling, sailing and the fishing tours. You can go about n the island, take excursions and because the place is quite isolated you will surely find your own private place for picnicking and sunbathing. A short distance from here is Pacheca Island. The main attraction of this island is that it is the roosting place of the magnificent frigate birds and it is an ideal place for bird watching. The other attractions of this island are the duty-free shop, the 9 hole golf course, and fine restaurants.

San Blas Islands

This is an archipelago that has about 100 islets that are unnamed, about 113 named islets and about 30 of them that are made entirely of corals. These sites are so very fascinating that one can nearly spend a whole year traveling through the insular areas of each zone. There are no road connections in the region but the island can be reached with the help of small planes that take passengers across to the island in about a dozen daily trips. You can stay overnight and enjoy the beautiful palm-lined beaches and the coral islands that give the island the look of paradise. There are mountains the sides of which are covered with a dense green carpet of forests. There is a unique feature of this island. There are the Kuna Indians who have been the original inhabitants and they have protected their culture and they reside on forty islands that are autonomously ruled by them.

El Porvenir

This island lies in the strategic position from where a lot of detailed information can be gathered about the Kuna Indians and also other information as to how to about visiting the other islands in the archipelago. In this particular island, you will find many beautiful beaches and also the Region’s Intendency Seat. Any traveler can use this as the main point from where one can go to all the other islands. You can also go as far as.


This island is connected with another town with the help of a wooden bridge. The island is politically divided into two parts known as the Corazon de Jesus or Jesus’ Heart. There are two communities and they are well accustomed to the ways and cultures of the other. From this island, you can visit Tigre Island by traveling by canoe for about fifteen minutes. they have a typical dance style that is very enjoyable and one can also buy the many souvenirs and handicrafts that are made by the local people.

Wichubwala, Nalunega Island, Ailigandi Island, Cartisugtupu, the Isla Bastimentos, are some of the other very important islands that are worth visiting for all the tourists. The pristine waters and the beaches with shady palm trees are so very lovely that you will get immersed in the beauty that surrounds you.

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