Blizzard of Ads – The most common way of advertising

It is most likely that advertising in human society originated at the same time with trade. Its existence in prehistoric times is confirmed, for example the Egyptian papyrus announcing the impending sale of a slave.

Fortunately those times are long gone. But still today from a leaflet and billboards to directional ads in our phones – ads are placed everywhere today.

Small businesses need to let people know about themselves. One of the famous ways to get attention is still a pavement sign. The secret is easy – it is cheap. With its help, the company can stand out from its’ peers.

Modern materials allow you to change the content of advertising information quickly: currency exchange rates using replaceable plates or a cafe menu written in chalk.

It is worth noticing that illiterate advertising spoils the image of the city. The design of the pavement signs should be done in accordance with its location.

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