Best Rome Map and New Features

Roma Pass is by far the best Rome card designed to make life easier for tourists. In Italy, where tourism is booming, special discount cards are offered to help travelers. But before you buy such a card, you should find out what it is and what it is needed for.

The first thing you need to know about Roma Pass tourist cards is that they come in two types: Roma Pass 48 and Roma Pass 72. The difference is that one has a validity period of 48 hours, and the other – 72 hours. The calculation takes into account the period of time from the moment of activation upon first use, not from the moment of purchase.

The tourist card is designed to help travelers save money and time. The following privileges become available to all Roma Pass holders:

  • Free travel, of course only on public transport, but for the entire validity of the card – be it the metro, tram or bus, including numbers 520 and 720, which follow routes from Ciampino airport to Subaugusta and Laurentina metro stations, respectively.
  • There will also be no need to pay for using the Roma-Giardinitti, Roma-Lido and Roma Flaminio Piazza del Popolo-Viterbo railway lines.
  • Significant discounts or completely free access to various exhibitions, museums and other tourist services.

Roma Pass 48 card allows you to visit one museum for free. And Roma Pass 72 – two museums.

rome architecture
Image by Unsplash+

The owner of such a discount card will not have to stand in a huge queue to get into the Capitoline and National Museums, Castel Sant’Angelo or the Colosseum. Of course, you still cannot avoid being searched before entering, but this is undoubtedly much faster than standing in lines.

Roma Pass comes complete with a real map of Rome in paper format – Roma Map, on which all the attractions and iconic places are marked. It also includes a list of Roma Pass partners indicating the discounts they are willing to provide to the cardholder.

Purchase and activation of Roma pass

You can buy a Rome tourist card:

  • using infopoints services for tourists
  • in museums
  • at Atas metro ticket offices
  • as well as at Trenitalia and FrecciaClub ticket offices

You can also order a Roma Pass on the official website, but keep in mind that you need to pick up the card within 24 hours from the date of payment. If you cannot pick up the card you paid for online, the money will not be returned.

After purchase, on the back of the Rome tourist card you must indicate your first and last name in Italian or English, as well as the date of first inspection. The card is activated upon first use, both in transport and in the museum.

inside the rome building
Photo by Agatha Depine on Unsplash

Great discounts and privileges

  • The best Rome tourist card provides other opportunities to save money, in addition to free travel on transport and visits to various cultural institutions:
  • There is a 10% discount on purchases at the Mcarthurglen Castel Romano Designer Outlet.
  • 10-30% discounts on individual and group tours at Fun Tour, Safari d’Arte, Rex Tour and Rolling Rome Segway & Colf-Cart Tours.
  • Renting a bike at Ecobike Roma and Rome Rent Bike will cost 10-15% less.
  • 10% discount on the purchase of souvenirs and various fan paraphernalia of FC Roma in sporting goods stores AS Roma Store. They are located in Piazza Colonna and Via del Corso.

The card is convenient to use. It is contactless, you do not need to insert it into the reader, just a light touch to the black circle on it. A green light indicates that the card has been verified and has been used.

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